Here is the list of flour that we currently offer.

Whole Grain Wheat Flour

Wheat Bread - whole grain - made from Red Fife wheat.  This unhybridized flour is ideal for breads. The high protein, germ and bran within this flour gives the natural nutrition of B vitamins and fibre. Red Fife is classified as a 'Heritage' grain. It was the first variety of wheat registered in Canada. This basic wheat has not been hybridized for over 50 years. Has excellent flavour and good baking qualities. Milled "certified organic" Red Fife Wheat.

1 kg$5.95
5 kg$24.65
10 kg$46.40

Light Wheat Flour

Light wheat flour is sifted whole grain Red Fife wheat flour to remove about 70% of the bran. This is useful for people who want a lighter whole grain flour or loaf but do not want to dilute or cut their flour with white. Milled "certified organic" Red Fife wheat.

1 kg$6.65
5 kg$29.20
10 kg$55.00

Pastry Wheat Flour

Pastry wheat is made with soft wheat. It is lower in protein. Gluten is a protein and therefore pastry wheat is not ideal for bread making. The softness makes for a tender baked product. As whole grain with the bran still in it, you can expect it will ad browning and a heavier drier dough. Milled "certified organic" soft white wheat.

1 kg$7.65
5 kg$30.00
10 kg$56.50

All Purpose Wheat Flour

Wolfgang's All Purpose white wheat flour is just what a person needs for all those uses that we are familiar with. Blend, bread, pies cakes. Do it all. "certified Organic" flour.

1 kg$5.95
5 kg$25.30
10 kg$45.00

Whole Grain Spelt Flour

milled "certified organic" spelt grain.

1 kg$8.05
5 kg$34.00
10 kg$65.00

Light Spelt Flour

Light spelt flour is whole grain spelt flour with approx. 70% of bran removed. This will result in a light loaf of bread and prevent the need to mix with white flour. Milled "certified organic" spelt grain.

1 kg$9.25
5 kg$38.50
10 kg$72.00

Whole Grain Oat Flour

Milled whole grain dehulled oats. This flour contains the germ, bran and endosperm. This flour is low in gluten and either can be used in baking for cookies, pancakes or for gluten substitute baking.

1 kg$7.50
4 kg$25.50
8 kg$48.00

Whole Grain Rye Flour

Milled "certified organic" rye kernels.

8068021961901 kg$6.80
5 kg$28.25
10 kg$53.00

Buckwheat or Soba Flour

Buckwheat or Soba is a member of the rhubarb family. The seed is gluten free. The flour makes wonderful pancakes and adding the binding ingrediants makes good gluten free breads. Milled "certified organic" dehulled buckwheat.

5 kg$44.60
10 kg$84.00

Khorasan Flour

Milled "certified organic" Khorasan grain

1 kg$8.60
5 kg$36.40
10 kg$70.00

Emmer Flour

Emmer is an 'Ancient Grain'  had been cultivated in middle east, 9800 - 8800 BC. This grain has the all the basic components and nutrients of early grains. It is a soft grain. It has a strong nutty flavour and makes excellent breads. Milled "certified organic" emmer grain.

1 kg$9.50
5 kg$41.00
10 kg$75.60


This is our Rolled and Flaked products

Mixed Bran

Our bran is a blend of Rad Fife wheat, Spelt and Soft white wheat brans.  Fresh and untreated for maximum flavour and baking quality.

600 grams$5.50

Rolled Oats

Old Fashion Rolled Oats - Our rolled oats are freshly rolled dehulled oats. Because of this the oats are more parishable (like all good food.) but much more digestable and flavourable. These oats should be kept refridgerated for short term keeping and frozen for long term use. The normal shelf life is 3 months and then the flavour may begin to distort.

1 kg$7.50
4 kg$25.50
8 kg$48.00


Here is the list of kernels that we currently offer.

Brown Flax

Brown Flax same nutritional value as golden flax. Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6. SLightly more fiberous and slight stronger flavour than Golden Flax.

500 g$5.25
1 kg$9.50
10 kg$66.50

Spelt Kernels

Spelt Kernels

1 kg$7.40
5 kg$31.50
10 kg$50.00
20 kg$100.00

Wheat Hard Red Kernels

Wheat HRSW kernels - this is the wheat that is used in bread flour. The higher the protein the more gluten there is in the flour. The more gluten the more rising action you can get in your bread. Gluten is a protein.

We have been able to source locally (southern interior BC area) grown hard red wheat to satisfy our needs.

1 kg$4.80
5 kg$24.00
10 kg$46.00
20 kg$95.00

Soups and Stews

Our new product line.

Split Yellow Peas

1 kg$6.20

Green Split Peas


Dehulled Barley Kernels

Dehulled organic barley kernels. Not pearled.


Black Lentils

1 kg$9.20

Green Lentils

1 kg$9.20

Split Red Lentils



From time to time we have surplus products to blow out. We need the space.