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The argument for eating whole grains is old. Study after study have been done on the effects of eating whole grain flours versas conventional flours. North America main stream flour producers aim for profits. They work on volumes and customer satisfaction in regards to baking quality. But they do not focus on the health aspects. Below are some links to other websites that can tell you the whole story better than I. 

McGill University Study on Whole Grain Breads
Nutritional Characterisitic of Organic, Freshly Stone Ground Sourdough & Conventional Breads

The Whole Grains Council
The Whole Grains Council

Real Food Real Health
by Kathryn Hettler

Fit n Healthy
by Michale Hartte

Dr. Johann Georg Schnitzer
Schnitzer Website

The Canada Food Guide Recommends up to 7 - 35 g. servings of per day of whole grains
Canada Food Guide

Certified Organic Associations of BC

Organic Health and Beauty

Where we get our flour mill. The Salzburger